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Analyst and Consultant

Consultant for the development of natural products and nutritional supplements since 1982, in the pharmaceutical and food industries; North America, Europe and Japan

beyond food fortification

an emerging need for nutrient-based drug "discovery", exploiting complex relationships among biological systems, nutrients, and plant metabolites for diseases or optimizing performance. The aim is to manipulate the complex mechanisms of bio-active networks, anticipate synergistic effects and deliver functional products for human health


developed expertise in a polypharmacology approach, (that small molecules interact simultaneously with multiple targets), for pharmaceutical applications of flavonoids and other bioactives – particularly for cancer, cardiovascular, and metabolic diseases.

“one target, one drug” paradigm is most challenged by natural products where multiple pathways can be simultaneously modulated; leading to therapeutic opportunities.


Now based near Paris, France - with a global understanding

Originally based in Southern California; since 1982,  working closely with local business founders who were initiating global dietary supplementation trends in sport nutrition, energy products, and self-medication. Contributing to the dietary supplement market development of Amino Acids, Betaine/Folates (transmethylations), Probiotics/Synbiotics, Fatty Acids/Phospholipids, plant extracts and Flavonoids


Whether you’re considering a pharmaceutical development project, a new dietary supplement formulation, or a new ingredient project, we’re here to answer any questions.