our services

consulting for industry

We continually reflect  and analyze current scientific literature and social trends, so are ready to identify new opportunities and consumer needs. We can provide literature reviews, technical reports, patent evaluations/ proposals bebsite/social media content… etc..  We use any relevant information, including scientific, technical, legal, historical and in the public domain. , etc. We write product support literature, technical reports, Web site contents, patent proposals;

beyond supplements

We have experience, commitment, and creative resources to help you with all aspects of dietary supplement development, from early strategic planning to technical formulations and regulatory questions. We have helped many startup companies, especially with their initial products;.  We aim to understand supplements as if they were drugs, and emphasze safety, with efficacy.

drug/medicine applications

It may seem confusing, but drug development is straightforward API development, biotech manufacturing innovation, clinical product quality management, regulatory audits, FDA/ICH documentation, Investigator’s Brochure, IMPD, CTA for EU and Canada, management of preclinical and clinical trial management. At some levels we have done it all, and when needed we will introduce larger organizations to pursue your strategy.